Post #1

Post #1

Hello all and welcome to my blog.

I appreciate that with any anonymous blog only a certain amount of introduction about myself can be divulged. I don’t think any of you will care what colour my hair is, how tall I am or even my gender? But I will give you the basics of what and whom I am today. I am, just your regular runner….I don’t break records or finish on the podium of any event I have entered. With that nor am I your regular couch slouch. I run to stay healthy, because I love to be outside and exploring the world around me wherever I may be. I have run in the past but only to train for a 10K event back in 2012.

Looking back I can’t say my training was all that much fun, it was just another target I had set myself, like I have many times in my life from a young age.

For the 10k, my process was, as it always had been with anything I wanted to achieve:

1.0 Set a target, in this case time.

2.0 Try attempt that time at the start to get a measure of where I am currently.

3.0 Devise a training plan to make up for the time.

4.0 Put myself through the mill in training to get to my target and beyond in most cases.

5.0 Achieve my target (in this case by almost 5 minutes) then feel mildly elated, but more so relieved the training was over!
I found that with most things I have achieved in my life, when I set a definitive target, upon reaching that target, I lose interest almost immediately. Now this from the outside would probably suggest the targets I have set in the past are too easy, those on the inside would disagree entirely and probably suggest the target I had set are one for a better word “mad”.

But it seems now my life has shifted somewhat in how it sets its targets.
My life must always have a focus or project to engross my time. Even from being a child I’d like to build or start something that would take me a while to do. It seemed looking back I was never too bothered about the destination but the journey attracted me more (maybe something I have ignored since then in my life).

Fast forward a few years and I have stopped doing all the other hobbies I have enjoyed in the past for one reason or another and now found myself with that void to fill.

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