Post #2

It seems now, that I should share with you my reasons for writing this blog.
My intentions are to voice how I feel when I run, the journey I want my running to take and to offer an average person’s account of an age old pastime with a refreshing and sometimes embarrasing honesty.
If at this point you are thinking “Great! This shit better not get spiritual” then don’t panic! This isn’t going to be that kind of blog.
When I decided I wanted to run again my only motivation was to get moving outside. I knew I didn’t need to lose weight but feeling “fit” was something I hadn’t
felt in a number of years. At that point I never imagined how this obsession was about to grow.
But, it is worth noting that there is one part of my being that I am unable to change or remove…
The fact I can’t do things by halves.
So, I realised after a few of my early runs that the goal/target setting of the past wasnt going to fit the person I was today.
My external competitivness has all but disappeard. I have no interest in being the quickest or the pinnacle in my group, I honestly couldn’t care that someone is faster
than me over a 5K.
Suddenly I found myself at the start of a journey I never would have thought was my route.
Ultra Running…
Now my first hearing of this type of race was back in 2011 when a family memeber had entered the Marathon des Sables. As with most people (and some of you now) who didnt know what this was, I Googled it. After being a little bit sick in the back of my mouth I thought “He’s off his trolley that lad”. This time around I thought “I fancy myself some of that” albeit on a smaller scale for now!
I have always had an intrinsic interest to see what my body and mind will stand, until it screams enough is enough. It now seems I have found its perfect test.
I have read the reports and watched the videos of the numerous Ultra Marathons and become more attracted to these events. The surrondings and terrain are
a place I love to be already. Outside in the open space, free from the sense poluting surroundings we all live in today. The urge to run the road I drive too and
from the office everyday interest me very little, if anything that would serve as a reminder of what I run to escape from. The distance…Now I’m not saying that
26.2 miles isnt a fair old trek on your own two feet but to me its too defined already. What I mean by this is, it is too much of a known quantity for my mind to
want to take on without gettin dragged into the PB’s game. I mean you don’t hear of many poeple dressed as Big Bird from Sesame Street hammering round Mont Blanc
raising money for the local hospice do you!? So my question to my self was this Is just a marathon that much of a test?”. Ultra’s on the other hand seem to have no ceiling, it truly is in the hands of any race director to make their event longer, higher or in whatever brutal enviroment they wish.
So follow me on the trail to becoming a distance junkie.
Not all of my posts will be conforming to your normal training log.
They will simply be an insight into the highs and lows of my journey to becoming an ultra runner. I will share the details of an obsession – something that is beyond the average, in the hope that it connects with and inspires you, to push yourself a little bit further, than you ever thought possible!!

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