Post #3

post #3

I need to fill you in on the void between me starting to run again (Post #1) and today.

I didn’t jump from my first few gentle jaunts back to suddenly deciding “Yeah, that ultra-running game is for me! Where do I sign?” I mean, on occasions I have been known to conjure up some interesting plans – but I’m not a complete delinquent.

As I have stated before, running was just a way to get physically fit again. It quickly took a cathartic route I wasn’t expecting. Unfortunately in the office based job  I work in, it is somewhat frowned upon that during your paid hours of work you can’t just wander off outside on a sunny day – sadly I don’t work at Google, where this would probably be seen as some kind of “mind space” time. This kind of action would probably result in my boss handing me my P45, not a pay rise. And so, where the confines of my office drain me, I find myself excited to run. Was running becoming my therapy?

Without giving it the above label, escapism soon became the driving force behind my running. Naturally I wanted to pick an environment far removed from the urban surrounding of my work life, so I hit the trails. I found a running partner with a similar ability and desire to run. Now I didn’t always have to go solo and we could chew the fat about how living in the woods, with none of life’s modern distractions such as the internet would be bliss……oh the irony!? I never felt like not running, even on those evenings when work had been vile and it was pissing with rain, I still, never wanted to make an excuse not to run. I knew I was hooked!

I suppose, what goes hand in hand with escapism is the feeling to explore further, the new world you have found. This lured me down the path of distance! Soon I found fatigue was less present and my body coped with prolonged exertion easily. Curiosity to test my body to push farther than before and to run for a longer length of time became my addiction. This I feel was down to one rule I had set right from the start – no rules! No set time, set mileage or speed. Just run! With a prompt progression through the miles, I found that in two months I had tackled my first half marathon and felt euphoric at the end. I’d found my fix – Distance!

From this point on all I thought about and researched was to go further, to see what else I could find. Clocking up the 20 mile marker shortly after and loving every stride through the ever changing terrain the trail has to offer you.

Like with any junkie, my mind raced with the prospect of my next fix.



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